As Mayor of the City of Cambridge, Councilor Simmons won praise for her open-door policy, for her excellent constituent services, and for her down-to-earth approach to her duties. She continues to bring these qualities to her work on the Cambridge City Council.

"As elected officials, we are here to serve the public, to try to help them remove whatever obstacles they’re facing,” says Councilor Simmons. “Whether it is helping a senior citizen access reliable transportation, or connecting families in crisis with the appropriate social supports, I have always been a determined and forceful advocate for those I represent.” Councilor Simmons adds that “I have never been focused on making the most noise, grabbing the most headlines, or shouting the loudest; I have been much more focused on solving problems, building bridges, and advancing the causes I care about. And that is what makes me an effective city councilor.”

Councilor Simmons has the proven track record that demonstrates she can deliver for her constituents. Her decades of service, her extensive network of relationships, and her reputation as a dedicated, tireless public servant have all allowed her to be an effective advocate for those who need a voice inside City Hall.

Over nearly three decades, Denise Simmons has not just been talking about making government more accountable and more effective – she’s been making it happen.

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