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Housing & Development

Make no mistake – Cambridge has been experiencing a white-hot development boom over the past decade. In response, the City Council has been working hard to strike an appropriate balance between the developers’ wants and the community’s needs.

Councilor Simmons was among those that sponsored the Council Order asking for a comprehensive Master Plan to help guide our development over the coming decades. Even as we allow that process to move forward, it is important that the City Council continue working to ensure that any ongoing development be guided by asking whether these new projects increase affordable housing availabilities, strengthen the local economy, and enhance the socio-economic diversity that gives Cambridge its strength.

As Chair of the Housing Committee, Denise has led the charge on having the City Council triple the linkage fee that developers must pay into the Affordable Housing Trust, which will translate into millions of additional dollars to be put toward preserving and creating affordable housing units in the coming years. 

She also worked hard to ensure that the Mass + Main project provided a substantial amount of truly affordable units, more than doubling the initial offerings, and ensuring that the final project is in line with K2C2 recommendations to help revitalize Central Square. Denise has also held numerous hearings that brought the Cambridge Housing Authority and all other major area housing providers together to increase their collaboration to better address the region's great affordable housing needs. Denise continues to be a true leader on the a City Council in advancing policies geared toward preserving and expanding the city's stock of affordable housing, and providing more opportunities for longtime residents to remain in the city they love.


Below are more specific answers stemming from questions posed to City Council candidates from the Cambridge Residents Alliance. Councilor Simmons has posted her answers on her website in order to provide more fleshed-out answers to these pressing questions than she might otherwise have been able to do, in order to give residents a better sense of where she stands on the issues, and the reasons for her stances:

Master Plan

Councilor Simmons believes that a data-driven Housing Plan that includes how many units are needed, and for which income levels, is an important goal to work towards. This is in keeping with the discussions the Community Development Department has been engaged in throughout the Housing Committee meetings Councilor Simmons has chaired over this past term. The Master Plan should be geared toward creating a workable blueprint for future development that retains and enhances the character of all areas of the city. Beyond that, Councilor Simmons does not wish to put constraints on how the City's consultants begin to put their initial proposal together, and she looks forward to seeing this process move forward.

Increasing Linkage

Councilor Simmons supports increasing the linkage rate to $12 per square foot, with a $1 increase over the next three years, at which time the next Nexus study will be initiated. Councilor Simmons does not believe that we should lock linkage funds into pre-determined percentages of how they will be put to use, and rather, we should preserve flexibility in how linkage funds can be applied depending upon the development and the best thinking at the time. Councilor Simmons trusts our Community Development Department to determine the best uses of this funding as we go forward.

Furthermore, Councilor Simmons believes that the prestigious educational institutions in the City, including Harvard and MIT, need to be more deliberate in making plans to house a greater percentage of their grad-students. Doing so would help alleviate some of the strain on the local affordable housing market.

Inclusionary Zoning

To increase low and moderate-incoming housing availability, Councilor Simmons would approve of the Zoning Ordinance's Inclusionary zoning being increased to 25%, and that all affordable units be family-sized units, provided that the Community Development Department advises that this would not hinder development. To best fulfill this, the CDD should continue to prioritize the community interests that are already a part of their mission and at the core of what the department seeks to do.

Net Zero Initiatives

Councilor Simmons is supportive of the full implementation of the Net Zero Task Force recommendations and would be open to having discussions about expediting the timeline for this process. In the same vein, she supports what will make Cambridge safe and resilient in the face of climate change. Once specific standards and recommendations are released, the City Council can better assess which standards may be feasibly implemented and prioritized according to their urgency.

Campaign Contributions

Councilor Simmons accepts campaign donations from those whom she considers to be upfront in their intentions.  Those who donate to the campaign are appreciated for their support and she hopes that those who donate do so because they understand she will always be fair, honest, and open-minded in their interactions with the Council. That said, whether someone donates $1000 or nothing at all, she will always be there to take their phone call, listen to their concerns, have a conversation, and be of assistance to them if possible.  She feels strongly that in order to be an effective public servant, she needs to be as accessible to the person without a home as she is to the president of Harvard, and her record demonstrates that to have been the case.

City Manager Search

Councilor Simmons is in favor of conducting a full, transparent, and public evaluation of the City Manager, and is in favor of initiating a process that will bring Cambridge a public, national search process for the next person to hold that position. She does not believe that it would be the wisest course of action, or the wisest use of taxpayer money, to automatically initiate that national search in January, when the current City Manager's contract is set to end, but this would be a good model to consider when choosing his successor. 

Building More Affordable Housing

When it comes to building 100% affordable housing on City-owned land, in some cases the City should seriously consider building 100% affordable housing, while in other cases, Councilor Simmons believes that the City might get more value by selling the land and using the money to partner with CBOs that are focused on housing. There are many creative solutions that may ultimately net Cambridge more affordable units, and none of these solutions should be taken off the table.




Photo Credit: Robin Lubbock/WBUR