Public Safety - Denise Simmons

Public Safety

Denise has a record of working closely with the Cambridge Police Department to ensure that Cambridge residents are not only safe, but also informed.  She has pushed to increase the level of communication between the police and the community, and she recently pushed legislation mandating that neighborhood meetings are convened within 72 hours of public safety concerns arising. Denise has also worked to bring the police, local building management companies, and community representatives together to foster a climate of greater trust and collaboration. Denise is routinely one of the first public figures to call community meetings following any public safety incidents, to ensure that residents remain in the loop and fully apprised of exactly how the police are working on their behalf. She also continues advocating for increased relationship building between the police and the communities they serve. 

In addition, she worked with the Cambridge Housing Authority regarding quality of life issues and safety concerns, and she has regularly worked to have a presence at community meetings around these issues.  She established the Beauty Parlor Project, an educational initiative that seeks to inform and engage women around the issue of domestic violence. She also participated in a number of domestic violence awareness and preventative campaigns.

Clean-up Effort in Central Square: During her tenure as mayor, it became clear to Denise that more attention would need to be paid to Central Square to create an atmosphere that would aid in the area’s rejuvenation. She drafted policy orders calling for greater police presence in Central Square, and she called for businesses with outdoor seating to make ashtrays available for their patrons to reduce cigarette butt litter.

Citizens’ Privacy Rights: After careful consideration and intense debate, which included input from many Cambridge residents, Denise joined other members of the City Council in voting against the Department of Homeland Security’s plan to install surveillance cameras in various locations in the city.