Safer Streets - Denise Simmons

Safer Streets For All

In recent years, the City of Cambridge has been making strident efforts to increase the safety on our streets for bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians, and one major component of this effort has been the establishment of pop-up bicycle lanes on major thoroughfares. The creation of a safe, separated network of bicycle travel lanes is an important part of this effort, and Denise very much remains supportive of these efforts.

Denise is also one of the loudest voices in this discussion urging that we take great care in how we arrive at these safer streets. We need not pit bicyclists against motorists, young against old, the able-bodied against the mobility-impaired, or houses of worship and businesses against those seeking to reduce our reliance on vehicles and parking spaces. These streets belong to everyone, and only by hearing from all sides, actually listening to one another, and working to understand what our various needs and concerns are will we arrive at creating safer streets that truly work for us all. Denise has been pleased with the initial discussions yielded from our Bicycle Lane Working Group, which began meeting in the summer of 2017, she is heartened by everyone’s willingness to roll up their sleeves to work together, and she truly believes that we are going to help usher in a new era of truly safe streets for ALL the people of Cambridge.