Unity Slate - Denise Simmons

Unity Slate

As you know, this election cycle is different than the ones that recently preceded it, as several candidates have joined forces to run as part of a candidate slate. I have joined the Unity Slate with six of my City Council colleagues, and this Unity Slate is going to help ensure that we run a positive campaign that is focused upon collegiality, collaboration, and a desire to bring positive results to our constituents.

While I will continue to highlight my long record as a policy maker and public servant, being part of this Unity Slate means that I am going to also highlight my ability to work as part of a team. As I have often said, anyone who truly wants to accomplish something in this job must be able to work well with their colleagues, and must be able to win the support of at least four of their colleagues in order to pass legislation. I have always been focused on creating that kind of collaborative atmosphere on the City Council, and the Unity Slate is just one example of how this collaboration is manifested.

The Unity Slate represents a great diversity of life experiences and worldviews, and by pooling our collective strengths, Mayor Maher, Vice Mayor Benzan, and Councilors Cheung, Kelley, McGovern, Toomey, and I represent a great cross-section of the people of Cambridge to this body. We may not always agree on policies or process, but we are always collegial, and we are always focused upon working together to best address the issues facing the community we love.

The seven of us pledge to remain focused on healthy collaboration and working toward tangible results for the people of Cambridge. The Unity Slate is an example of what good, democratic government should be, and a review of the work we have engaged in over this past term – from working to protect local jobs on local construction projects, to dramatically increasing the amount of money put toward affordable housing, to working to reduce the City’s carbon footprint, to bringing new support structures to local businesses – illustrates the positive results that good teamwork can yield.  See more at www.unitedforcambridge.com