Denise Simmons


Denise officially won her bid for a 10th City Council term on November 5, 2019! She is thrilled to be returning to the Council to continue her open-door policy, her excellent constituent services, and her down-to-earth approach to her role as a policy maker and as an advocate for those whose voices might otherwise go unheard in City Hall.

"As elected officials, we are here to serve the public, and to make this community work for all of our constituents,” says Denise. “Whether it is helping our seniors access reliable transportation, or connecting families in crisis with the appropriate social supports, or working to increase the amount of and access to affordable housing, I remain committed to being a forceful advocate for the people I represent.” Denise adds: “I have never been focused on making the most noise, grabbing the most headlines, or shouting the loudest; I have been much more focused on solving problems, building bridges, and advancing the causes I care about. That’s what I do, it’s what I’ve always done, and it’s what I look forward to bringing back to the City Council in 2020.”

To contact the campaign, please email campaign manager Natalie Kostich at [email protected]. To contact Denise about official City business, please email her at [email protected].